14 Year Full Capability Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Riverside, CA

14 Year Full Line Industrial Spray Paint Booth Manufacturer. Owner retiring. Excellent Opportunity to Scale in a $500+Million Market. Excellent Add-On for an Industrial Equipment Seller. Over 14 years the owner built the complex infrastructure to design and build the key components and full assemblies of Industrial and Automotive Paint Booths in house. In house capabilities include touch screen electronic controls, heaters, sheet metal panels and doors etc. Most similar sized competitors purchase key components and sub-assemblies from outside suppliers. Included is a proprietary $1.2 Million CAD Design Library developed over 14 years that streamlines design of new and repeat products. Now that the infrastructure is in place, the owner believes that a buyer with B2B marketing experience can scale the business. The 10,000 square feet leased facility houses about 24 employees and includes all equipment to produce paint booths. Monthly rent is $8,000. Long term lease available. This is a design and manufacturing business. The owner who is retiring can train the new manager who should have a manufacturing background, B2B marketing experience will be helpful to scale the business.

Financial overview


Revenue $3,500,000.00
EBITDA $1,000,000.00
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14 Year Full Capability Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Buyer NDA

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