Dominant Luxury Homebuilder in an exclusive high-end market


Extremely profitable and growing company that is a powerhouse in building the finest homes at the highest level of an exclusive market. It is a dominant player in a very robust market for luxury homebuilding. The market area is rapidly growing due to its beauty, privacy, and popularity among the ultra-high-net-worth segment. The company has been recognized multiple times in leading local/national publications, its work has been included in a number of architectural books, and has also won awards for fine homebuilding. The company has an unsurpassed track record and employs experienced construction and financial management teams using sophisticated, process-oriented, data-driven estimation, tracking, purchasing and quality control. The company has an extremely strong pipeline and is projecting to bill approximately $18M in revenue and $3M in gross profit for full year 2023 with work that?s currently under contract and in progress. The company currently has more likely or potential work under negotiation than ever before in its history by a very wide margin.

Financial overview


Revenue $21,000,000.00
EBITDA $1,800,000.00
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Dominant Luxury Homebuilder in an exclusive high-end market Buyer NDA

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