Sport Fishing/Drift Fishing/Shared Sport Fishing/E-2 VISA

Hollywood, FL

When current owner purchased business, there was only one vessel and the rent keep going up. Now located on the Intra-Coastal waterway in the new developing area of Hollywood with large new hotels and pricy new high rise apartment buildings going up plus luxury town houses. Current fleet is a 55?, 42?, 60? and 37? sport fishing boats. The 60? is Coast Guard Certified for up to 19 passengers. Plus, boat rentals. Just in time for the season. Key people on staff have been with the company for years. With the increase of American?s staying at home rather than traveling abroad has benefited the company. In mid-2022, the started advanced corporate booking, which will add to continued growth, currently representing about 5% to total sales. Corporate bookings tend to be substantially larger than the normal bookings and less price sensitive. All vessels highly maintained and very clean, two vessels are US Coast Guard Certified. All bookings are pre-paid. Recently started charging for parking. Docked is licensed commercial, few others available. Many, many video?s customers having fun and glowing reviews.

Financial overview


Revenue $4,737,689.00
EBITDA $4,737,689.00
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