Successful Brand sold at FBA, Tradeshows and Ecommerce Tons of Upside

Columbus, OH

Our brand is a well established Beauty brand that is currently being sold in 3 main sales channels: 1) TRADE SHOWS- Our biggest and most successful sales channel is our trade show department! $2.7M in sales annualy!!! We currently have 20-30 sales reps that travel all year around and a full management in place, the business runs itself. We are attending over 100 trade shows a year!!! most of those trade shows are exclusive to us. 2) FBA- Our second sales channel is Amazon FBA, with $250K annual sales, this is our fastest growing business. Our entire amazon system runs remote and all the products are being shipped directly to amazon. Our amazon business has 25% net profit and is growing rapidly. 3) Our 3rd and last sales channel has the biggest potential of all. It is our website! about a year ago we have decided to turn our brand into a marketplace and sale other brands as well! during the first year we added 30 new brands!!!! So currently our marketplace is selling over 30 different beauty brands. At our website we focus mainly on educating our customers of how to maintain the best hair routines! As of now we are not profitable yet, since it is still a fairly new business but we are growing rapidly.

Financial overview


Revenue $3,470,000.00
EBITDA $643,000.00
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Successful Brand sold at FBA, Tradeshows and Ecommerce Tons of Upside Buyer NDA

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